Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories - SEL designs, manufactures, supplies, and supports products and services for power system protection, monitoring, control, automation, and metering.

Newton Evans Research Study - Ranked #1 by North American electric utilities in every category since 1999

Smart Grid - SEL smart grid solutions use information, computation, and communications to improve reliability and efficiency to meet customer needs. The technology you use today from SEL protection, communications, sensing, monitoring, security, and control all make your grid smarter. Electric power utilities around the world apply field-proven SEL solutions to automatically and rapidly isolate faults, restore power, monitor demand, and maintain and restore stability for more reliable electric power.

Protective Relaying - SEL revolutionized the protection industry by building the first microprocessor-based protective relays. These relays integrated, economized, and simplified the art of transmission line protection while introducing two powerful tools: fault locating and event reporting.

Automation & Control - RTU's, Sonet & Ethernet Multiplexors, Cyber Security Appliances, Rugged Computers, Communications Gateways and a vast array of other automation devices

Microgrids - With a microgrid controlled by an SEL powerMAX control system, you can operate an independent power system that mitigates blackouts, optimizes operational costs, and protects people and equipment during short-circuit events.

Distribution Automation - SEL's complete DNA technology combines fast protection with flexible automation and communications for a customized distribution automation solution that makes your system safer, more reliable, and more economical. SEL DNA systems range from distributed intelligent devices and sensors to wide area centralized controls. These fast and efficient systems automate all parts of the distribution grid, from neighborhoods to distributed generation sites, and improve efficiency by simplifying conservation voltage reduction schemes. SEL has the answers today for the energy needs of tomorrow.

Engineering Services - SEL provides cost-effective engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) capabilities and delivers complete turnkey solutions worldwide. SEL brings factory-trained and industry-experienced engineers to every project for the best possible solution. SEL fills a growing need in the electric power industry, as companies deal with the impacts of smaller engineering staffs and increasingly complex protection requirements.

Panels, Custom Enclosures, and Turn Key Control Houses - SEL enclosures and panels are completely engineered to meet the needs of generation, transmission, distribution, and industrial applications. SEL designs, manufactures, distributes, and innovates turnkey solutions with the highest quality and reliability.

Fault Indicators & Sensors - The Fault Indicator and Sensor Division designs and manufactures fault indicators and sensors, supplying utilities around the world with products that help reduce fault-finding time so that power can be restored quickly after a fault occurs. In business since 1950, this division of SEL is the electric power industry's leader in fault indicator technology, producing the widest variety of fault indicator products.

Quality, Support, and Warranty - SEL provides personalized service and ongoing technical support that our customers consistently rank best in the industry. The SEL ten-year, worldwide product warranty is proof of the confidence we have in the quality of products we manufacture while following the strictest industry standards.

HICO America - HICO America, headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hyosung Heavy Industries Corporation.

Power transformers. Shunt reactors. Gas insulated switchgear. Equipment manufactured for decades by a company focused on the changing needs of the North American utility market. And, HICO is here today engineering grid enhancing technologies such as STATCOM and Battery Energy Storage Solutions in alignment with our Customers’ operating plans.

HICO is an industry leader building quality into our products and partnering with our Customers to provide world-class services.

We have recently invested in a state-of-the-art transformer manufacturing facility in Memphis, TN. HICO operations include a service facility in Greensburg, PA and a West Coast sales office in Los Angeles CA.

These strategic locations enable us to rapidly respond to a broad range of customer service requests anywhere in North America.

Delta Star Connector Co. - High quality manufacturer of bolted / welded power connectors, bus supports, EHV connectors & supports, spool type cable support systems, and custom solutions.

Quality & Longevity - Delta Star Connector Co. has been producing high quality products for over 100 years.

Custom Solutions - Custom connectors, bus, parts etc. There are few limitation of what we can provide.

Design & Support Services - From design plan to material supply, we are your complete solution provider; Layout checks, material take-off's, product supply - have us quote your entire substation.

Omicron - OMICRON serves the electrical power industry with testing and diagnostics instruments for primary and secondary equipment. Customers in more than 140 countries rely on OMICRON because of its outstanding spirit of innovation and products of excellent quality.

Secondary Testing & Calibration - OMICRON secondary injection test sets and measurement devices are the right choice for Utilities, Industry and Railway as well as for Relay and Measurement Device Manufacturers. The combination of a robust, truly portable, reliable and accurate Hardware design together with the unrivaled Test Universe Software is the basis for OMICRON's ongoing success in maintaining its place as World Leader in the 3-Phase secondary injection test set market.

Primary Testing & Diagnosis - Typical customers of our products for primary testing, are engineers and technicians working mainly in commissioning, maintenance testing, and test fields of Current transformers, Voltage transformers, Power transformers, Circuit breakers, Rotating Machines, and Cable Systems ( including HV and EHV cables) in utilities and industry. Our test equipment is also used for automated measuring of resistances (contact resistances, winding resistances, grounding resistances, cable impedances), but also for single-phase testing of primary and secondary protective relays

Testing With Communication Protocols - The application of communication protocols is rapidly spreading in the electric power industry. More and more applications in the substation utilize newest communication technologies for exchanging even mission critical information. OMICRON's testing tools support engineers and technicians to master these new technologies.

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EDM International, Inc. - EDM brings cutting edge technology to the electric utility industry with our PhaseTrakker Jr and AP30 PhaseTrakker phase identification tools, and Span Sentry dynamic line rating system. Our commitment to reliability and innovation is our benchmark. We work closely with electric utilities and contractors to assist with optimizing power flow and system longevity.

Royal Switchgear - Substation and Transmission group-operated disconnect switches, substation and distribution hookstick disconnects, and substation connectors.

Elgin Power Solutions - Is composed of Gilbert Electrical Systems and Mining Controls, Inc. Specializing in the design and manufacture of electrical products for surface and underground applications, including mobile substations, shunt reactors, harmonic filter banks, mining lighting and camera products, metal enclosed capacitor banks, unitized & turnkey substations, and many more

Borri - Borri Group is a global provider of power electronics systems and solutions for harsh industrial and demanding commercial and ICT secure power requirements merging over eighty years of experience in developing, manufacturing and supplying uninterruptible power systems and solutions.
The Research and Development Team’s expertise combines AC and DC power technologies spanning the worlds of both conventional and renewable energy, to provide innovative solutions for tomorrows problems. The company is comprised of two business units: Industrial Power and Critical Power, headquartered in Bibbiena, Italy.
Thanks to its highly skilled custom engineers Borri controls in-house the entire process: from feed studies to design, production and after-sales service guaranteeing state-of-the-art solutions. Based in Italy with over 20,000 m² production area and a large high-power test field, Borri can depend on its more than 80 years of experience and multidisciplinary research and development to serve our customers best.

Trayer Switchgear - Trayer proudly manufactures low-maintenance vacuum switchgear of the highest caliber, designed to thrive in the most challenging circumstances. Every submersible, padmount or vaultmount product is backed by over 55 years of leading innovation in design and manufacturing.

CO7 Technologies - CO7 Technologies specializes in the design and manufacturing of switching, protection and control solutions used in the distribution of energy for millions of homes and businesses. It all started with the acquisition of the Securupt and station breakers (Doghouse and VOX) product lines from Schneider Electric. The Securupt fuse cut-out has been installed on the entire Quebec electrical network for nearly 30 years. Its great reliability and robust design make it one of the best fuse cut-outs in the world. The Doghouse and VOX medium voltage outdoor and indoor circuit breakers are critical parts of electrical substations around the world.

Synaptec - We reduce outage and operational cost with the world’s only distributed sensor networks for operators of complex MV-HV power systems. Our passive sensor arrays require no power or data networks, and provide live data more reliably and securely from more locations. This wide area, multipoint technology is ideal for automated condition monitoring, reduced scheduled maintenance, improved asset management decisions and simplified protection schemes.

DryKeep - Power Transformer Dry-out System With SMART* Dehydration Control